World Rafting Championship 2018

November, 04 to 10

Alumine river, Neuquen province, Argentina

The Government of the Province of Neuquén together with the Government of Argentina support the Argentina Association of Rafting on organization of the World Rafting Championship 2018 sharing the aims of the Rafting International Federation (IRF), such as “to organize world championships along side with entities and / or local agencies applicants; set up and keep up standards for sport; promote recreation, tourism and conservation around the activity; and give guidance and standards for safe and accessible rafting; among others”

The first “Project Raft” event was held in 1989 and it would take place every two years ever since. In 1998, the event earned the status of World Championship.
It counts with the participation of 50 teams in several competing categories and ages (Sprint, H2H, Slalom and Down River). Some of the host destinations selected throughout the history of this championship have been: Costa Rica, South Africa, Chile, USA, Czech Republic, Ecuador, South Korea, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Indonesia and The Arab Emirates.

The WRC, counts with the Declaration of Tourist Interest from the Ministry of Tourism of Argentina, the Secretary of Sports of the same country, as well as the Chamber of Deputies of the Nation and Legislature of the Province of Neuquén and Municipalities of Aluminé and Villa Pehuenia, among others institutions.

The competition rivers

The Aluminé and Ruca Choroy Rivers own unique characteristics for the development of rafting for the quality of their tracks because of the quality of its slopes, which represent an ideal place for the realization of this competition. The Aluminé River has unique characteristics for the development of rafting, being cataloged its section “superior” in grades III and IV plus, with a constant height difference of 150 meters over an area of 12 kilometers; while the “average” sector called “Abra ancha” has a vertical drop of 20 meters and a series of 15 rapid staggered degrees of II to III. In addition, the Provincial Route No. 23 accompanies this river from its source by more than 60 km, so it is very convenient for logistics and for spectators due to the river is easily accessible.
Ruca Choroy River has a track that offers exceptional conditions because of its flow, slope and water quality for the practice of slalom and realization of national and international competitive events.
Aluminé and Villa Pehuenia are tourist destinations that have a variety of services, activities and accommodation to receive both: competitors and spectators.
They are into the “Lakes Corridor” a touristic region with unique natural features.
Both destinations are located in Patagonia Argentina, and constitute a pristine area of great natural beauty that stands out for its high conservation of natural resources, especially their courses and water bodies that allows the sustenance of life and sport practice like rafting.
The towns of Aluminé and Villa Pehuenia have significant experience in organizing sports events related to rafting and kayaking, organizing since 2009, the “Aluminé River Rafting and Kayak’s Fest”.

Race formats

Sprint, a power and speed time trial series at close range. Each team travels at maximum speed, approximately 300 to 500 meters, in which positions are defined according to the time of duration from least to longest time.
Head to Head (H2H),
short distance speed test, in which two teams face each other, starting from each side of the river. The competition is against the river and against the physical condition of the opposing team. The team that crosses the finish line first will be the winner of

that hit.
Slalom (Obstacles in the river),
course with gates, to perform maneuvers of ascent and descent in the river in the shortest possible time; some are downstream and others are against the current.
DownRiver (River Descent),
endurance test that lasts between 45 minutes to 1 hour and runs between 15 and 20 km. The positions are defined according to the time of duration from least to longest time.

The Aluminé river characteristics

It´s located in the westcenter of the province, arround the Aluminé town at 326 km from Neuquén city and at about 1500 km to Buenos Aires, the capital of our country.
It´s one of the white rivers to Patagonia. It´s born in the Aluminé lake and has 150 km of course. The main tributaries are the Pulmarí river, the Ruca Choroi river, the Catan Lil river and the Malleo river. The natural drainage is done by joining the Catan Lil river, in the Collon Curá river.

In Mapuche language “Alumine” means “Alum” (gleaming or shiny) and “mine” (cooking pot).

Along its route we find the most varied landscape, surrounded by rocks and different types of trees such as the ancient “Araucarias” or “Pehuenes” and Cypreses that grow among the stones, as well as other species.
It´s navigable all the year. It´s reached by province route nº 23 from Alumine, Villa Pehuenia or Junín de los Andes. From Neuquen city by the National Route nº22 to Zapala and then take the Provincial Routes nº 13 and 23; or well the other option is by Provincial Routes nº 46 and 23 in these order.

Aluminé River (grades II, III and IV on the high Aluminé river):
It´s fed by the Quillén river, Nahuel Mapi stream and Malleo river among / between other, these it´s one of the most abundant rivers of the province, and its waters reach the Collon Cura river.
Soft mountains in the magnificent “Andes” mountain range, lakes and rivers thats invited to fishing, with a cozy microclimate where all these beauties are found in the same place to delight and dazzle the tourist who visit us.
The Alumine River is born in the homonymous lake to 40 kilometers from the Alumine city and is one of the best rivers of our country.

The rafting is mostly done on the Aluminé river, being able to make 2 circuits:

Circuit Nº1: Abra Ancha

The circuit route has 6 to 8 kilometers to long and about 3 hours to do it.It has sections of difficulty grades II and III, and another grade I, which depends on the stretch of the river.
This circuit allows those who participate in this activity to perform the entire description of the mountain landscape, where are found fallen stone walls, trees like “cipresses”, small sand beachs, and also to appreciate the environment of the flora and fauna.
Rafting is an activity with no age limit, where all the security and technical equipment is provided, and all this is complemented by rescue practice. The rafting agency provides security and technical equipment.
You can practice rafting throughout the year!.

Circuit Nº2: Aluminé Superior

The course of this circuit is about 15 kilometers. It has III+, IV or III difficulty degrees that depend on the stretch of the river, and it takes 4 to 6 hours to do it.
The river section characteristics, makes it one of the most important rivers in the country.
The activity is carried out until the first days of January, after this time the course of the river decreases notably and makes it difficult to do rafting.
This circuit also has the security and tehcnical equipment provided by the rafting agency.